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It’s workout time! Workout Plan week 1 & 2

I recently started a new workout and wanted to share it for any of you looking for a new program. This program is from my fantastic personal trainer who I see twice per month when she gives me my next workout and walks me through the exercises. I keep myself accountable doing the workout three times per week. I also run/cycle three times a week and do yoga twice or more a week. Some weeks I take two days off, but generally only one.

This is the first two weeks’ exercises. All of these exercises can be done at home with minimal equipment. It’s awesome how quickly I started to see improvements. By the end of week two I was finishing the whole loop in 34 minutes (the first time it took me almost an hour).


  • Do this three times per week
  • Walk around when you need a break, don’t bend over or stop
  • Try to move quickly between exercises, keeping your heart rate up
  • Drink water in between sets and a ton of water after the workout
  • Eat lots of bananas, alongside water, this will help soreness be a minimum

Warmup (4-7 minutes)- jog in place, jumping jacks, side to side hops (one foot), high knees (30 seconds each, repeat)

Set 1

  1. 25 Burpees with jump at top, no pushupburpee
  2. 25 “x” press with weights in hands (with feet slightly wider than the shoulders, squat, touch the floor with your hands, then extend back up and straighten your arms diagonally upwards to make an “x” with your body)
  3. 25 plyo jacks with hands to floor (Begin with feet together and jump up, taking feet out to the side, landing in a low squat.  Jump up and bring feet back together.  Swing your arms overhead to add intensity.)
  4. 25 lateral hops landing in curtsy squatcurtsy
  5. 25 wide pushups
  6. 25 side planks (each side)

Set 2

  1. 20 burpees with pushups
  2. 20 “x” press with weights
  3. 20 hands to the floor wide leg squats
  4. 20 lateral gliding curtsy squat (stand on hand towels on a smooth surface and use them to glide your foot back into your squat)
  5. 20 wide traveling pushups side to side
  6. 20 thread the needle side planks

Set 3

  1. 15 gliding burpees – stand on hand towels on smooth surface and complete the burpees with sliding rather than jumping
  2. 15 clean and press with weights – feet hip width apart, squat with hand weights to the floor, extend up doing a clean at shoulder height, then pres the weights overhead
  3. 15 ab getup – laying on your back, hold weight with both hands and extend overhead, above your bellybutton. Then situp, slightly lifting the weight at the top of the situp
  4. 15 lateral hopslateral hops
  5. 15 wide pushup pumps/15 quick tricep pumps
  6. 8 thread the needle side planks with weight in top hand, each side

Set 4

  1. 10 gliding burpees
  2. 10 clean and press with weights
  3. 10 lunge jumps
  4. 10 side hops with knees in front
  5. 10 walking side pushups (5 right/5 left)
  6. 8 thread the needle side planks, each side

Set 5

  1. 5 gliding burpees
  2. 5 clean and press with weights
  3. 5 lunge jumps
  4. 5 side hops with knees in front
  5. 5 wide pushups
  6. 5 thread the needle side planks, each side

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I will post exercises for the next 2 weeks soon!