86 Pounds of Bananas Eaten in 1 Week!

Benefits so far:

  • shinier hair
  • velvety soft skin
  • clearer skin
  • great energy
  • more time from not having to plan meals
  • Slimmer looking from excess water weight releasing
  • overcame mental blocks and learned more about myself
  • I have a ton of new recipe ideas from fantasizing about other fruits and veggies
  • No puffiness
  • More flexible
  • FANTASTIC digestion
  • Saved money


  • I freaking want a mango

Eaten poundage of bananas in 1 week: 86 lbs

Money equivalent (organic price): $0.64/lb = $55.04

It’s really amazing how much your digestion improves on any kind of mono-island (eating one fruit exclusively for x amount of days). It is so streamlined and quick, you continue to feel light and energized. The beauty of doing something like this is that your body gets really efficient at absorbing all of the nutrients, so I don’t feel weak in any areas other than my own personal desire for other tastes. Because I have been a fruitarian for 2+ years now and have gotten so clean, I can tell immediately if my digestion changes, and it has been night and day.

The two biggest changes for me were, no cooked starches, and no salt, which kind of go hand in hand anyways as I don’t salt my salad or fruit. When I was mostly (99%) raw before I experienced this same kind of consistent, painless, gas-less digestion. But about 6 months ago, I started incorporating more potatoes and rice for budget savings and warmth in the winter, so I started using salt. I also was eating more fat than I realized at times because of eating in restaurants, which can really mess with my digestion.

I went to the far infrared sauna today and felt absolutely incredible afterwards. My muscles were relaxed, I felt dehydrated, but clean and fresh, especially after the shower after the sauna! It was the perfect thing to do at the end of week 1, because I know for sure my body is at a healthy place with sodium. The way to tell if you are harboring water weight and excess salt is if your sweat tastes salty. Today in the sauna, there was no taste, and that is your sign, you are in the clear! Of course, it’s okay to have some sodium, especially if you are working out a lot and you are consistently sweating it out. However, it has a huge effect on digestion. It slows everything down because it is removing water from your cells, causing your efficiency to decline. So I prefer natural sodium occurring in fruits and veggies, which is enough to fulfill the necessary amount we need.

I keep thinking I am going to quit, and then when I get hungry, I go for the bananas. I thought about cooking some rice or potatoes tonight and that just seemed so heavy feeling, so now I’m eating bananas again. I don’t know how much longer I am going to keep this up, but it will probably be until I see a mango or some organic grapes. I am also really craving a salad, so I foresee a big salad tomorrow night.

I am really satisfied with a week, and I already maintain a fruitarian/vegan lifestyle and have for the past 2+ years, so it’s not as if this was intended to be a fast or weight loss gimmick. I really did this for my own spiritual reasons, but as well to help me get back off salt, and it worked! So, I may end up going another week, but I really see no point in pushing hard to do a month.

I do know that I will be avoiding salt and continuing to eat low fat when I come off of this. It makes such an impact on my digestion, how I feel, and how I look.

Banana count: 31

Total count: 243

Calories: 3944

Water/Coco-water: 7 liters

Sleep: 9 hours

Dreams: expanding

Exercise: interval run/walk 36 min

Before breakfast: Liter of water

Breakfast: 1400 g bananas, 72 g coconut sugar, water

1 liters water

Lunch: 1335 g bananas, 108 g vegan cane sugar, water

Dinner: 7 bananas

How I am feeling:   this is bullshit

Energy level: jump

Poop count: 4

Snarky comment: Tell me again about your canines…ANATOMY

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 10.16.45 PM


I’m Giving Up!

Banana count: 40

Total count: 212

Calories: 3924

Water/Coco-water: 6 liters

Sleep: 8 hours

Dreams: louis-ck-nope

Exercise: hour of yoga

Before breakfast: Liter of water

Breakfast: 5 bananas

1 liters water

Lunch: 1219 g bananas, 50g organic coco sugar, 1 liter water

Dinner: 1400 g bananas, liter water

Late night snack: 10 bananas,with peal 2 lbs 14.8 oz estimated at 700g

How I am feeling:   Zach

Energy level: thumbs up

Poop count: 6

Snarky comment: 1544483_10154155175905473_1599422396261624319_n

Giving up? Well, maybe. I am considering cutting the bananas only experiment to 14 days (two weeks) instead of 31. I am not sure. I will let you know. It’s not that I am not enjoying how I feel, or eating the bananas themselves. I just really miss my other fruit friends. Like mangos… and grapes… yum… and I don’t see the point in depriving myself past two weeks. I’ll keep you updated.

haters gonna hate

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 11.10.10 PM



Time for the hot box

Firstly, I apologize for missing a day of blogging, I had other projects I needed to work on last night and didn’t get to updating everyone on my banana progress.

Yesterday was good, but I ate less than usual, I only had 27 bananas. I felt really good until the evening. Then I got into a weird headspace where I was like “I’d rather not eat than eat bananas right now,” which I guess is fair on day 5 of just eating bananas. It’s also a symptom of not eating enough, getting undercarbed, and therefore whiney.

I try to have a health focus every week that rotates, I write it up on my bathroom mirror so I am reminded everyday of what my goal is. Last week was water, and I did really well with getting enough every day. This week is exercise. Yesterday, I did a 40 minute interval run, and today did 1 hour of yoga. I was planning to take my bike out, but as it is 93 degrees outside, I am going to pass and try to get up early on Thursday for a ride. MWF I usually run and do weights so that is the plan for tomorrow. I am also going to go the infrared sauna tomorrow.

An infrared sauna uses infrared heaters to emit infrared light experienced as radiant heat which is absorbed by the surface of the skin. Traditional saunas heat the body primary by conduction and convection from the heated air and by radiation of the heated surfaces in the sauna room. So, you basically start sweating and detoxing from your core immediately. It’s unbelievably detoxifying. I usually lose many liters of water in just 40 minutes so I try to replenish with coconut water after. Drinking extra water tomorrow will be crucial. The times I have gone to the sauna consistently, I crave all kinds of crazy things. Maybe it’s the detox or has something to do with dehydration, but it definitely brings up a lot every time I go. It’s a very relaxing experience and I highly recommend checking it out! They are usually pretty cheap. If you are in Greenville, SC, check out creativelivingwellness.com. They run a solid business and have a beautiful sauna for just $25 per session. I am not paid to endorse them, it’s just where I go and have had a wonderful experience. 


Why would you eat only bananas?

Why did you want to do banana month in the first place?

Because I am absolutely insane, that’s why.

keep call banana

I have done it before and had incredible results. I feel fantastic, my digestion resets and gets extremely efficient, and I save money by eating only the cheapest, most calorie dense fruit there is. It’s also delicious! I also love a good challenge. Anything that will help me break through fears, blocks or just releasing old negative energy appeals to me and eating just bananas for one month definitely does that. It is so mental. I find myself wanting food emotionally still. I want rice or potatoes when I think about certain memories even though I have already overcome many old food/emotion connections.

But why bananas? Bananas are the most similarly composed to the human body of any fruit. If you eat enough of them, as you have seen from my cronometer records, you get plenty of protein, fats, and micronutrients. Dr. Doug Graham, author of 80/10/10 Diet, talks in this video about why someone might want to take on Banana Island.

I typically eat bananas every day, but recently have been eating more and more cooked food at dinner. While there is nothing wrong with eating lots of rice and potatoes, I was adding in a lot of salt. I felt like I needed something focused and challenging, like this, that would strip away all of that desire and help me get back to the low sodium, low fat, low protein, high carbohydrate diet that I love.  All the extra salt was causing me to gain a lot of water weight, which looks exactly the same as gaining fat. I had also been totally raw before for many months in a row, and wanted to return back to completely raw for the month in preparation for summer.

Raw is optimal, but not always realistic, so I will go back to incorporating some cooked starches 3 times a week or so when this is over most likely. I tend to eat more starches in the winter as there is a real comfort in eating warm food in cold weather. During the summer, there is such abundant variety of fruit, it’s not quite as necessary, but definitely still helps being social and the food budget.  I love how I feel on a low sodium diet and the last 6 days I have noticeably slimmed down quite a bit. I am hoping the sauna will help me to sweat out a lot of the excess salt that my body is holding onto still. Exercise has been helping a lot with this, but I will be  the first to admit, I love a good short cut if it exists and is healthy.


And then there was one…

I love the Dandy Warhols’ song called “we used to be friends” and the featured image is the album art.

This afternoon: We can pretend that I’m eating 5 ingredients, but really, it’s just one. And eating just one ingredient is a huge mental challenge. Like eating vegan is so delicous and it’s hard not to think of all the foods I want to eat outside of bananas. I am so excited to eat some grapes or some low sodium, no fat vegan stir “fry.” Before meals, I have a consistant battle of not wanting bananas, making a smoothie anyways, and then tasting my smoothie and being reminded how delicious it is. My cravings have been for mangoes, dates, rice, potatoes, and this vegan waffle recipe I saw on Instagram this morning. The only times I have cravings is when I get hungry or go an hour too long without eating. As soon as I have another smoothie or vat of banana ice cream, I feel good again and have no problem staying on track.

This evening: I’ve had a huge surge of energy that just happened and I danced all around my apartment to this song.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFEmTsfFL5A I danced into the banana room. Danced out of the banana room. Did my best to dance while weighing the bananas and making another smoothie. WOOOOOOO I FEEL SO GOOD!

Banana count: 37

Total count: 150

Calories: 4173

Water/Coco-water: 6 liters

Sleep: 10 hours

Dreams: I had dreams and they were pleasant, and I forgot to write them down this morning, so, sorry.

Exercise: dancing, light stretching

Before breakfast: Liter of water

Breakfast: 1400 g bananas, liter of water

1 liters water

Lunch: 1269 g bananas, 8 oz coconut water, 24 oz water, 3/4 cup organic coconut sugar

1 liter water

Dinner: 1413 g bananas, liter water, touch of vanilla

How I am feeling:  dancing

Energy level: woman wrong way

Poop count: 3

Snarky comment: I think people largely agree that fried food is unhealthy and is high in fat. It is high in fat because it is submerged in oil.  So then you take chicken and roast it in the oven, smothered in oil, but people think it’s healthy because it’s not fried… cognitive dissonance? Oil is basically the same as a supplement, it has been stripped of it’s fiber, many nutrients and is liquid fat.

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 11.25.22 PM


Sunday Morning for Saturday Night

Banana count: 33

Total count: 113

Calories: 3333

Water/Coco-water: 6 liters

Sleep: 10 hours!

Dreams: I was eating bananas in my sleep. I literally dreamt about making banana smoothie

Exercise: 26 minute walk/run intervals

Before breakfast: Liter of water

Breakfast: 1424g bananas, 16 oz coconut water

1 liters water

Lunch: 1298 g bananas, 24 oz water

2 liters water

Dinner: 1023 g frozen bananas, 8 oz water

I had ice cream for dinner! Banana ice cream that is!

After dinner I ate a tray of my homemade dehdrated banana chips. Which really are more like fruit leathers. I didn’t weigh them so I didnt add them to the total count.

How I am feeling:  Cosby Cat

Energy level: Creepy Hood Girl

Poop count: 3

Snarky time: Ugh, vegans preaching again. I bet they haven’t even considered where they get their protein from!!!




Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 11.15.46 AM


Isn’t that too much potassium?

Today was up and down. Not much of a roller coaster, it was just mostly up and then went down. I’m feeling indignant with the system this evening. Here is a summation of why:

On a happier note, I have the most interesting conversations when I go to pick up more bananas. Today as I was waiting to check out, this man is looking at all my bananas, looking back at me, with a very confused look on his face. confused

Being aware of this, I point towards the box and simply say “lunch.”

He laughed and a conversation about fruitarianism was sparked. We discussed my daily eating habits, and he inquired about many topics. The one I would like to address now is one of the most common… He asked me about the heaps of potassium I get from all these bananas.

We humans need approximately a minimum 4800mgs of potassium a day in order to really thrive. Bananas are a fantastic source of potassium, and ironically is just about the ONLY thing EVERYONE knows about bananas.  An average banana contains about 400mgs of potassium. Proper function of all cells, tissues, and organs in the human body require the mineral potassium. It is also an electrolyte, a substance that conducts electricity in the body, making bananas the perfect food for after a sweaty run or sauna session. Potassium is crucial to heart function and plays a key role in skeletal and smooth muscle contraction, making it important for normal digestive and muscular function.

Who should be concerned about getting too much potassium?  Those who are dealing with renal failure in hospital are really the only ones who need to worry about getting too much potassium in their diets. 99% of the population NEVER have to worry about consuming too much potassium. Of course if you are a silly monkey and continue to slam your kidneys with a high protein diet then you are inviting dis-ease into your life. Time to wake up.

The lethal dose of potassium chloride is 2500mgs per kg of body weight in 30 seconds. As I said earlier there is roughly 400mgs of potassium in one decent sized banana. So a person of my weight would have to eat approximately 400 bananas in 30 seconds to reach the lethal dose of potassium! Now that is BANANAS! Remember this test has to be done in 30 seconds because if you do it over time your kidneys naturally will excrete the excess potassium. And, when eating a low protein, low fat, high carbohydrate diet, our kidneys become even more efficient at ridding the body of excess potassium.

Banana count: 33

Total count: 80

Calories: 3470

Water/Coco-water: 7-8 liters (lost track somewhere in the day)

Sleep: 10 hours!

Dreams: vivid crazy dreams!

Exercise: 31 minute run/walk interval training

Before breakfast: Liter of water

Breakfast: 930 g bananas, 16 oz coconut water

2 liters water

Lunch: 1304 g bananas, 24 oz water

2 liters water

Dinner: 1669 g bananas, 16 oz water

How I am feeling: Panda Cart Toss

me while picking up my case of bananas

Energy level: Dazzling Wrestling Strategy

Poop count: 3

Snarky time: If you can’t drop dairy, don’t expect lasting health results. The end.

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 10.47.22 PM


Eating bananas isn’t that hard…

Day 1 is complete! It’s amazing how much extra time you have when you aren’t thinking about what your next meal is going to be. For the next month, that is an easy answer… bananas. And they are delicious.

Ripeness of bananas is crucial. People often say, bananas will make you constipated. This is only true when they are consumed before all the starches have converted to sugars. So how do you know when a banana is truly ripe?

ripe bananas

The bananas should have speckles all across the outside, they should not be fully yellow, and definitely not green. Your bananas won’t get mushy if you keep them dry which is a common protest to having truly ripe bananas. The bananas pictured are a little past the truly spotty stage, but this is the best look for a thin delicious bananas smoothie.

So far I have my rotation down. I had 22 hands ripe and ready, and another 23 hands on their way. Tomorrow I will be going to buy another case to keep it up.

Coordinating banana month can get tough because if you get a case of green bananas they can take a full week or longer to ripen. This is why I am being lenient on organic vs. inorganic. I’ve noticed the yellow organic bananas take about 3-4 days on average to get big brown spots all over. Inorganic bananas seem to ripen a day or two ahead of the organic bananas. The Aldi here in Greenville often has green/yellow organic bananas, and has many inorganic bananas in the store with spots. This gives me options, and keeps me from having to eat the organic whole trade bananas from Whole Foods that taste like cardboard.

Banana count: 47

Calories: 4574

Water/Coco-water: 6 liters

Sleep: 6 hours (RAH! NOT ENOUGH)

Dreams: they were very vivid and conversational, I woke up in a good mood

Exercise: Thursdays are usually cycling and yoga days, but today I gardened for a couple hours instead. I tilled the land, dug it up, mixed in compost, and planted seeds. Hoping to have some beautiful sugar baby watermelons later this summer.

Before breakfast: 48 oz water

Breakfast: 1304 g bananas, 16 oz coconut water

Lunch: 1350 g bananas, 32 oz water

Dinner: 1182 g bananas, 16 oz coco water, 16 oz water

32 oz water

Dessert: 1098 g bananas, 32 oz water

How I am feeling: superman

Energy level: 1236250510_jump-thru-car

Poop count: 5

Snarky time: Waaaahhhh wahhhh, eating healthy is inconvenient… Abso-fruitly not! Fruit is fast food. You blend, you pour, you move. Simple as that. Excuses are excuses, don’t make them.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 9.51.14 PM


Don’t Have a Cow, Go Bananas!

Some say it’s unhealthy. Some say it’s insane. Some say it’s extreme. Let’s find out.

The bananas are ripe and the vitamix is clean…

Follow me on my journey of eating bananas for a full month. I will be allowing five ingredients (obviously water is not something I consider an ingredient as it is liquid life):

  1. bananas (mostly organic, but coordinating this gets tough)
  2. coconut water
  3. coconut palm sugar
  4. cinnamon
  5. vanilla


So you say:

How many bananas will you eat a day?

Why are you doing this?

Do you recommend this long term?

Isn’t that too much potassium?

These are all questions I will be answering throughout the month of Banana Heaven.

I will be telling you daily:

  1. How I am feeling
  2. How many bananas I ate and calorie count
  3. Energy level on a scale of 1 to 10
  4. Exercise
  5. Protein, lipid, vitamin stats from cronometer (check out www.cronometer.com)
  6. Dreams (level of crazy they are) and hours of sleep
  7. Hydration
  8. Number of bowl movements (poop count, deal with it, people want to know)
  9. And a well crafted, snarky comment to round everything out

On a weekly basis:

  1. Poundage of bananas I have eaten that week
  2. Money spent
  3. A glucose reading

At the end of the month:

  1. I will post my blood tests including potassium
  2. Weight difference
  3. Before and after picture

My background: I started into raw veganism in February of 2012. I have been on a high carbohydrate, fruit based diet for the bulk of that time. I have previously done 3 weeks on bananas only, but never a full month.  My typical day currently consists of two large (1000 calorie) fruit meals and a big bowl of no fat potatoes and salad at night (another 1000 calorie meal). Sometimes my cooked dinner will change and be more of a rice and veggies, which I will admit to eating too much salt with. The only supplements I take is one B12 injection per month and during the winter I take vitamin D on a weekly basis. So, it is time for a fat free, salt free, hydration station of a month.


If there is anything you want me to track that I missed or if there is something you would like to know more about, please leave a comment and let me know.


You can find me on instagram @kellyacaldwell


Da fruct?!


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