28 Documentaries to Change Your Health and Conciousness

1) Forks over Knives
2) Earthings
3) Vegucated
4) Food Inc
5) Food Matters
6) The Ghost in Our Machine
7) Hungry for Change
8) Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death
9) Blackfish
10) Simply Raw Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days
11) The Beautiful Truth
12) A Connected Life
13) Making the Connection
14) The Beautiful Truth
15) The Gerson Miracle
16) The Cove
17) Fat Sick and Nearly Dead
18) Peaceable Kingdom
19) Gary Yourofsky
20) Meet Your Meat
21) Holocaust on a Conveyor Belt
22) Speciesism: The Movie
23) A River of Waste
24) More Than Honey
25) Death on a Factory Farm
26) Behind the Mask
27) Animals Should Be Off The Menu: The St James Ethics & Wheeler Centre
28) Meat the Truth


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