Raw 80/10/10 Strawberry Slushy

It’s getting hot outside and this syrupy sweet treat is just the refreshment you need. All you have to do is add sugar, strawberries, ice and water to your blender, pulse until the desired smoothness and stuff your grateful face!

While driving through North Carolina I was passing roadside stands for fresh produce and kept seeing the signs for strawberries. What fruitarian isn’t going to make at least one pit stop?! I walked up, saw the big gallon buckets, grabbed one and walked to the counter. The sweet, gritty old man in blue jean overalls looks up at me with a grin and tells me to try one. I melt into a sweet, succulent, strawberry, sugar retreat. I promptly turned around and grabbed another bucket! Check out how deliciously red these are:

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For a couple meals I had strawberries, sugar, water, and ice. This is such a tasty treat and great for detoxing. Having just one ingredient per meal is known as a monomeal. Monomeals can be extremely helpful in detox and streamlining digestion. If your body is only breaking down one thing, it becomes very efficient. This is why any mono-island (like previously shown, banana island) works so well. Strawberries, in particular, are rich in nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants, but not very high calorically so to get your calories, you have to really pack them in.

Fun tip:  Leave the green tops on for extra nutrient boost!

You can also freeze them and make a sorbet, or freeze already blended mixture into a frozen strawberry gelato!

IMG_3067 IMG_3072 IMG_3075


Take your slushy to the pool or park and enjoy in the sunlight!

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